Academical activity

European PhD cum laude (2014) in Literature (Lenguas y Literaturas) at Universitat de València
(Thesis: “La Tradición Clásica y el melodrama metastasiano: el caso de Issipile”)

- MA (2010, cum laude) in Historical Singing at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Basel, CH)
(with a thesis on the long‐forgotten opera Issipile, Vienna 1732, by F. B. Conti and P. Metastasio)

- BA (2008, cum laude) in Historical Singing at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Basel, CH)

- MA (Licenciatura) in Translation Studies (2005) at Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain)

- Piano Diploma (2004, cum laude in Harmony/Counterpoint) in Vila‐real (Spain)

- Official Italian Teacher Diploma (EOI, 2003) in Castellón (Spain)

- Classical Abitur (2000) cum laude in Latin, Greek, History and Art History in Castellón (Spain) & Special High School Award (Generalitat Valenciana, 2000)

While finishing his studies in Basel, Flavio Ferri‐Benedetti contacted Prof. Dr. Carmen Morenilla Talens, Ancient Greek Literature scholar at Universitat de València (Spain), with ideas about a possible research in the field of Classical Tradition and Baroque Opera. As a result, he enrolled as PhD candidate in Literature (Lenguas y Literaturas) and later became a European PhD cum laude. The dissertation was co‐directed by musicologist and opera seria expert Dr. Christine Fischer (Basel). From 2011 to 2015 there was a collaboration with the research group Grup de Recerca i Acció Teatral de la Universitat de València (GRATUV), directed by Prof. Carmen Morenilla Talens.

Fields of interest include classical tradition, philology, Italian language and literature, musicology, dramaturgy, baroque and neo‐classical aesthetics of the 18th century, translation, philological edition of long‐lost musical works. Freelance professional translator since 2002.


  • Translation of texts: specialized in musicology/poetry/literature
    (Especially translating repertoire into English)
  • Proofreading
  • Edition of musical scores for performance or publishing
    (Specialized in Italian repertoire: cantata, opera seria...)


  • Coach of Singing and Accompanist at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Basel, CH) – Autumn 2019
  • Teacher of Historical Singing at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (CH) – Autumn 2018
  • Masterclass at Musik‐Hochschule Winterthur/Zürich for baroque gestures and recitativo secco [June 2011]
  • Masterclasses at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Basel) in Italian diction for singers (especially recitativo secco) [2012–2015...] + AVES Master Italian extra courses [2011–2014...]
  • Teaching Gesang at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (Zurich University of the Arts) from March to May 2015 — in replacement of Prof. Akerlund.
  • Teaching privately since 2008 in Basel (CH) and Spain.
    [Technique, repertoire coaching, Italian diction and prosody...]



Ferri‐Benedetti, F. El legado de la tradición clásica: el caso de la ópera barroca. Florentia Iliberritana (Estudios de la Antigüedad Clásica): XXIII (2012).

Ferri‐Benedetti, F. Hypsipyle from Lemnos to Vienna: an Approach to the Metastasian Heroine. Tycho: I (2013).

Ferri‐Benedetti, F. “La tua Grecia, la quale a me non è Dio” — Martello y Metastasio reinterpretando a AristótelesHVMANITAS: LXV (2013).

Ferri‐Benedetti, F. “Metastasio adaptado para el teatro español — El caso de la ISSIPILE”, en Maestre Maestre, J. M., Ramos Maldonado, S. I., Díaz Gito M. A., Pérez Custodio, M. V., Pozuelo Calero B., Serrano Cueto, A. (eds.) Humanismo y Pervivencia del Mundo Clásico V. Homenaje al profesor Juan GilAlcañiz: Instituto de Estudios Humanísticos (2015) — ISBN Vol. V: 978–84-00–10002-5

Ferri‐Benedetti, F. El hilo de Hipsípila: Metastasio y la Tradición Clásica, Bari, Levante Editori, 2015 — ISBN 978–88-7949–654-4

Copertina Hilo de Hipsípila Flavio Ferri-Benedetti Levante Ed. 2015

Ferri‐Benedetti, F. Florilegium: Antologia poetica 1999–2016, Bari, Levante Editori, 2017 — ISBN 978–88-7949–674-2


Francesco Bartolomeo Conti & Pietro Metastasio: Issipile (Vienna, 1732)
URTEXT edition, introduction and English transalation of the libretto
Published by GRAN TONANTE (Sweden) — 2011  ***

Proofreading and translation into English and Spanish of Italian libretti and cantatas for several artists (Iestyn Davies, Xavier Sabata, Valer Sabadus, Alicia Amo, Guillermo Turina / Eugenia Boix...) in CD booklets or concert programs.

N. Porpora: Agrippina (Napoli,1708) — URTEXT Edition by Holger Schmitt‐Hallenberg
Edition and proofreading of the Italian text by Flavio Ferri‐Benedetti
Expected by GRAN TONANTE (Sweden) — 2012  ***

Ferri‐Benedetti, F. “Dell’onda instabileHWV214 — Urtext edition in Hidden Handel Arias, ed. by Alan Curtis for GRAN TONANTE (Sweden) [To be published]